an idol who burns all the sadnesss into happiness.

Piam’s interview (partial)
a day magazine.

an idol who burns all the sadnesss into happiness.


“Who told you to wear student shoes with casual clothes like that!? Change it. Go change it now!” I screamed.

Piam burst out laughing before confessed that she’s still improving.

“I didn’t know how to dress up or do the makeup. I just started learning it when I joined BNK48. Now, I’ve been asking (for advices from) other members. Like, in the beginning, my foundation was so off that my face looked so gray. Once the fans wrote to me about it, I’ve tried to correct and improve” She smiled shyly.


It began at our debut at Japan Expo when everyone were doing the hand-over-mouth pose. The moment (Trying not to laugh) the muscles around my cheek were stiffening up, so I was giving out an awkward smile. Plus, my pose was looking as if I was going to slap someone. (Laughing out loud) That’s why the (famous Facebook) page Nongg made fun of me by calling me “Piam-Gee (of) the Fire Rose”. Plus, one of the member of this “Fire Rose” gang’s name is Rinrada which is also my name too, so there’s another connection between us.

T/N: เปี่ยมจีกุหลาบไฟ (Piam-gee-ku-larb-fai) is a nickname that one of the famous parody facebook page uses to refer to Piam. That page talks about many fictional characters and among those, there’s a gang of girls called กุหลาบไฟ (which can be literally translated as Fire Rose). Hence, she was asked about the origin of this nickname.


“If I was asked if a look is important for being an idol, (Paused to think)personally I think the look is not important but the charm is. If your appearance is good, you’re good looking but you don’t have the charm, then you can’t attract people. However, if the look is not so bad but that person has a personal charm, then that person can draw people in and become memorable.”

Finally, Piam made it to a favorite of this parody page with an initial of an N in less than a week. The more they teased her, the more the fell in love with her and the nickname, “Piam-Gee (of) the Fire rose had become one of the popular hashtag in the social medias.


The first hand-shake even of BNK48, your line was quite small (T/N: She used the word “compact”)  when compared to other members’. Let me ask you straightforwardly, did you feel down? She gave me a big smiled and answered me with a clear voice “No”.

“If you asked about my feelings, I’d say I was very excited because it was the first time that I get to do the handshake with my fans. When I met them, I was so happy that we get to exchange our loves (towards each other). It was a happy moment. Did my line was long? It was not bad, more than expected I’d say. But when compared it with other members’ lanes, the popularity was different. It depends on each members. I left the thoughts alone not to overthink about it.” She shared her feelings on that day to us before answering the questions about her attitude towards work and how to deal with being an almost-the-youngest idol of the group.


Even though, she’s got “Fire Rose” attaching to her name, her road to idol is not a bed of roses because she has to pave the way herself and also bearing dreams of all the fans who support her.

“To these days, we have received love from many people.The ultimate happiness of being an idol, to me, it’s being able to get on stage and witness all the cheers from the fans who standing down there and I think that’s the ultimate happiness for many of the idols too”